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Peacework has been published monthly since 1972, intended to serve as a source of dependable information to those who strive for peace and justice and are committed to furthering the nonviolent social change necessary to achieve them. Rooted in Quaker values and informed by AFSC experience and initiatives, Peacework offers a forum for organizers, fostering coalition-building and teaching the methods and strategies that work in the global and local community. Peacework seeks to serve as an incubator for social transformation, introducing a younger generation to a deeper analysis of problems and issues, reminding and re-inspiring long-term activists, encouraging the generations to listen to each other, and creating space for the voices of the disenfranchised.

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Peacework July 1996
Clamshell Special Issue

NOTE: These are pdf copies of the original articles. You may also get the complete issue as a pdf- 40.4 MB.

Two Decades of Clamshell Democracy
Renny Cushing

From Seabrook to Chernobyl: No Nukeswork in Progress
Harvey Wasserman

A Legacy of Joy-Filled Struggle
Arnie Alpert

The Power of Our Nonviolence and How to Use It
Joanne Sheehan

Media Madness and the Myth of the Mollusk
Cathy Wolff

Clams in Action
Roy Morrison

How Ya Gonna Keep ‘em Down on the Farm?
Kristie Conrad

In Memoriam: Elizabeth Boardman
Pat Farren

Dover Diary—Recollections of a Rank-and-File Clam
Thea Paneth

The Clam After 20 Years—More Than a Little to Celebrate
Guy Chichester

New England’s Nuclear Age: A Legacy of Reactors and Radioactivists
Paul Gunter

Sacrificed Communities
Pat Farren

Chernobyl Ten Years Later
David Rush

Letter from Seoul
Anna Gyorgy

The Israeli Elections: Meanings and Consequences
Joseph Gerson

A Look at Oslo’s Shortcomings
Elaine Hagopian

Smoke and Mirrors: The Servers and the Served
Gordon Fellman

A Palestinian Perspective
Anan Ameri

There Is Plenty to Do
Saul Slapikoff

Landmines: Fallout of War
Pat Farren
National March of Justice
Pat Farren
Auschwitz-Hiroshima Exhibit
Pat Farren
Swords into Plowshares
Pat Farren


Statement on the Church Burnings—from AFSC
Pat Farren

Review- An Energy Field More Intense Than War: The Nonviolent Tradition and American Literature
Frederick Marchant
Review- Survival in Sarajevo: How a Jewish Community Came to the Aid of its City
Lissa Gifford

Letters 31

A New England Hibakusha Tour
Pat Farren
US Arms Trade, East Timor
Pat Farren
Mumia: Necessity Defense Allowed
Pat Farren
No Bids on War Tax Resisters’ Home
Lynne Weiss


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