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Peacework has been published monthly since 1972, intended to serve as a source of dependable information to those who strive for peace and justice and are committed to furthering the nonviolent social change necessary to achieve them. Rooted in Quaker values and informed by AFSC experience and initiatives, Peacework offers a forum for organizers, fostering coalition-building and teaching the methods and strategies that work in the global and local community. Peacework seeks to serve as an incubator for social transformation, introducing a younger generation to a deeper analysis of problems and issues, reminding and re-inspiring long-term activists, encouraging the generations to listen to each other, and creating space for the voices of the disenfranchised.

Contents: October 2000

From the Editor's Desk

4 Playing with Nuclear Fire: Lessons from the Kursk Catastrophe
by Praful Bidwai
It would be disastrous to let hubris drive us towards nuclear catastrophe

"Sunflowers" -- Jane Cadarette
"Candidates on National Missile Defense" -- Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Northampton City Council Resolution
-- Frances Crowe
"Mini-Nuke" Alert
-- Women's Action for New Directions

6 The Sri Lankan Conflict: Broadening the Debate
by Asoka Bandarage
Beyond ethno-nationalism, an examination of the global political and economic causes

8 Naming Genocide in Africa
by Attieno Davis and Neizhu Lui
As disease and death ravage the continent, the pharmaceutical industry in the west has turned its back on the plight of these countries, citing their lack of consumer power

10 Now It's Colombia's Turn
by Robin Lloyd
Sixty helicopter gunships are "essentially for agricultural purposes?"

12 The Killing Continues in Indonesia
by Matt Easton
Accountability is a deterrent; its absence is an invitation to greater abuse

The Rathyon Strike -- Scott Schaeffer-Duffy and Ken Hannaford-Ricardi
The mathematics of presidential voting -- David White
Dropping Columbus Day, Gaining a Holiday for Ceasar Chavez -- Bechetta Jackson

14 Iraq Album, Summer 2000 (230 kb)
by Alan Pogue
In a suffering country, life--and death--go on

16 Lessons from the Right on Building a Movement
by Jean Hardisty
Bold, brash actions or "magic bullet" thinking cannot substitute for the small-scale, everyday work of careful, thoughtful movement-building

18 Index 1999
compiled by Poppy Gregory
Peacework's offerings during the final year of the 20th Century

20 It's not called Organizing for Nothing: An Editor's Impassioned Plea
by Sara Burke
Showing respect for ourselves, our work, and the people we hope to reach

21 PIECES: Events, Opportunities, Resources, Gatherings


Two sentences in the final paragraph of John Cort's lead article "Who for President? The Left is Split" in the September 2000 issue of Peacework were inadvertently omitted. We apologize and take this opportunity to print the paragraph entire:

In a recent issue of In These Times, a leftist magazine, James Weinstein, in explaining why he is voting for Gore, recalls that in 1948 the polls showed Henry Wallace at 12 percent in August. On Election Day he got 2 percent, and the Progressive Party followed him into oblivion soon thereafter. Something like that may happen to Nader and the Greens. The American system has a way of devouring third parties. Then again this year may be different. If so, the Democrats will have nobody to blame but themselves.

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