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Peacework has been published monthly since 1972, intended to serve as a source of dependable information to those who strive for peace and justice and are committed to furthering the nonviolent social change necessary to achieve them. Rooted in Quaker values and informed by AFSC experience and initiatives, Peacework offers a forum for organizers, fostering coalition-building and teaching the methods and strategies that work in the global and local community. Peacework seeks to serve as an incubator for social transformation, introducing a younger generation to a deeper analysis of problems and issues, reminding and re-inspiring long-term activists, encouraging the generations to listen to each other, and creating space for the voices of the disenfranchised.

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August 2005

Roy Takeno (the Editor), Yuichi Harata, and Nabuo Samura, in front of the Free Press office, Manzanar Relocation Center, California, 1943.
Photo: Ansel Adams from the Library of Congress.

2 From the Editor's Desk

4 London's Mayor Decries Bombing
By Ken Livingstone
However many you kill, you will fail.

5 British Muslim Scholars Denounce Terrorism
By the British Muslim Forum
Suicide bombings, which killed and injured innocent people in London, are haraam - vehemently -prohibited in Islam.

5 London Bombings - War Is Not the Answer
By the Friends Committee on National Legislation
Wars for safety are oxymoronic.

6 Emergency: Opt-Out of Military Recruitment
By Bob Fitch
Using the emergency card insures that everyone makes a choice.

7 Lining Pockets to Pass CAFTA
By Arnie Alpert
We need to show how trade agreements designed to benefit large commercial interests harm our communities.

8 Who Decides? Who Benefits? Who Loses?
Levon Chorbajian reviews You Call This a Democracy? by Joel Kivel

9 Patriarchy Breeds Terrorism
Ann Murphy reviews The Demon Lover: The Roots of Terrorism by Robin Morgan

10 Anti-Racist Medicine
Dave Taber reviews White Like Me, Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son by Tim Wise

12 What's Our Oil Doing Under Their Soil?
Andrew Riedl reviews Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Dependency on Imported Petroleum by Michael Klare

13 Mystics and Mechanics
Karen Topakian reviews Greenpeace: How a Group of Journalists, Ecologists and Visionaries Changed the World by Rex Weyler

14 Life Outside the Mainframe
Edward Hasbrouck reviews What the Dormouse Said: How the 60's Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer Industry by John Markoff

15 Information Wants to Be Free
By Mia Garlick and Siva Vaidyanathan
Lawrence Lessig designed the The Creative Commons in order to foster open-source culture.

16 Resist the Draft
Mark Atwood Lawrence reviews Confronting the War Machine: Draft Resistance during the Vietnam War by Michael S. Foley

18 Tears Drying On a Mountain
Fred Marchant reviews Black Virgin Mountain: A Return to Vietnam, by Larry Heinemann, and Green Rice: Poems by Lam Thi My Da

19 We Will Miss Marty Jezer
By Sara Burke
Rhetoric is cheap, revolutionary rhetoric is cheaper, and -militancy is no substitute for a concrete program.

20 A Peace More Active than All Wars: Report on the XV International Poetry Festival of Medellín
By Fernando Rendón
This crowd is avid for peace not war, for beauty not horror, for communion not bombs.

21 Poetry And Politics
Michael True reviews Present/Tense: Poets in the World, edited by Mark Pawlak

22 Deadly Spin Cycles: An Interview with Norman Solomon
Adrian Zupp discusses War Made Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to Death with author Norman Solomon

24 Howard Zinn Gets to the Source
Aaron Sarver discusses Voices from a People's History of the US with one of its editors, Howard Zinn

26 An Instinct for the Historical Moment
Peter Gow reviews You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train, A film by Deb Ellis and Denis Mueller

27 Coretta Scott King Children's Book Awards 2005

27 Jane Addams Children's Book Peace Awards

28 Gustavus Myers Anti-Racist Book Award Winners

29 Highlights from the AFSC Film & Video Library
By Penny Adams
Spinney, who has worked at the Pentagon for over 25 years, says it is a "moral sewer."

32 The Yes Men Visit London
By the
We would never wish to imply that an Indian life is worth less than any other. But the market has its own logic.

Short Takes
6 Opting Out Resources
11 Guns Don't Kill People: Bullets Do
11 Stop Famine in Niger
23 Recurring Lies: The Chapter Headings of War Made Easy
25 October Surprise: A Call to Share Sacred Seasons
Letters re: Nonviolence Curricula and Peaceful imagery
30 Pieces: Events, Opportunities, Campaigns, Resources


Peacework offers news and analysis from the peace movement worldwide. Its perspective is based in respect for all people and a deep commitment to nonviolence. Peacework has always offered subscriptions to prisoners for a nominal $1 per year, and we are committed to continuing this outreach even as the number of subscribers in prison increases, and mailing costs rise.

For $15, you can subsidize one-year subscriptions to two of Peacework's many incarcerated subscribers. Make checks payable to AFSC-Peacework, and note in the memo line "Send Peacework to Prison." Your gift is tax-deductible, and should be sent to Peacework, AFSC, 2161 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge MA 02140.

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