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This post repeats the content of the list at http://www.peaceworkmagazine.org/blog/military-recruiting-abuses-... but with the youtube videos embedded in this page.

Military recruiters have a quota, or what they call a "mission," specifying how many people they're expected to enlist each month. When they don't reach their quotas, they're often pressured intensely, ordered to work overtime, and threatened with career-ending consequences. Not all recruiters lie, but lies by military recruiters aren't the exception, they're common. ABC in New York, for example, sent hidden cameras into recruiting stations in 2006 and found 5 of 10 recruiters they taped lied on camera (see item 10). After all, how many recruiters could provide full disclosure about the horrors of war, the psychologically devastating costs of killing, or the nature of military life (How would you like to get ordered around 24-7?), and still meet their quota? I hope this helps explain some of the the motives of the military recruiters caught on tape lying below.

These abuses also aren't new. There was a Beard Commission report which documented widespread military recruiter abuses back in the late 1970s. Every time the corporate media, the GAO, or Congress does another perfunctory investigation, for decades the Pentagon has repeated the same lies: you found a few rotten apples, we're investigating abuses, we're implementing new policies designed to root out abuses. But the system of pressuring military recruiters to make "mission" continues.

Even when military recruiters don't overtly lie, I still oppose both the specific wars they're recruiting for and object to organizing people to kill other people on principle. One fact only a very rare recruiter mentions before they have the recruits' signature on the enlistment papers: once a person takes the oath at the Military Entrance Processing Station on the day they ship off to boot-camp, the military's a job that is illegal to quit - and it can be very difficult, and sometimes virtually impossible, to obtain a discharge.

When people in the military who are now in crisis call me [I volunteer with the GI Rights Hotline (www.girightshotline.org, 877-447-4487)] and tell me about the lies their recruiter told them in order to induce them to sign up, or to illegally coerce them to go to basic training even though they had second thoughts while in the Delayed Entry Program (see items #2 and #15, for example), I'm reminded of the costs, in sheer human misery, of both military recruiting abuses specifically and preparing for and fighting wars in general.

List compiled by Sam Diener, Peacework Magazine (www.peaceworkmagazine.org) Co-Editor, 2009-06.

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